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Sightseeings in Banyoles

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Where is the Pla de l’Estany?

Sightseeings in Banyoles

Tourism in Banyoles, the capital of the Pla de l’Estany region, is ideal if you want to visit the counties of the province of Girona, in northeastern Catalonia. Thanks to the geography of the city, it is ideal spend the night in Banyoles and move to other areas by day.

For those who make tourism in Barcelona, ​​Banyoles is the ideal getaway. An excursion of one or several days to disconnect from the urban hustle and connect with nature.

Banyoles is 100 km from Barcelona and 49 km from the French border. It is located between the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees. Form a triangle of populations and places of great historical and scenic interest. For example, the monumental sets of Girona, Besalú, Castellfollit de la Roca, Olot. It is also just a few kilometers away from the volcanic area of ​​La Garrotxa Natural Park or the Dalí Museum of Figueres.


Sightseeings in Banyoles

Tourism in Banyoles and its surroundings can be very interesting, because the area offers activities for all tastes and ages. Therefore, through a unique passage and in the midst of an exclusive natural environment, we propose a series of routes. Routes for lovers of history, art, sports, gastronomy, magic… And of nature in general.

Making vacations in Banyoles comfort, because there is no mass tourism like many places on the coast or the capital. Large multinationals have not invaded the area, therefore, the Pla de l’Estany region maintains its own local businesses.

You can eat in home-made or modern, simple or sophisticated restaurants, traditional or contemporary cuisine… And none of them has anything to do with the chains of restaurants in most cities. The cuisine of our house is authentic and genuine. The same goes for the shops, shops and different services that you will find during your stay in Banyoles: they are all local.

In Banyoles you will not find either McDonalds, Starbucks, Zara, H & M… The city’s businesses are for people of the city, for people of the city and… FOR YOU. So enjoy yourself, have an authentic Catalan experience.

Do you want to go into Catalan culture? What better than visiting an area that retains its essence, traditions, gastronomy?

Sightseeings in Banyoles and surroundings

Què veure a Banyoles - TURISMETurisme – Tourism
The Pla de l’Estany offers many options beyond visiting the lake. Under the category “tourism” we offer all the tourist sites to see in Banyoles and its surroundings. Depending on your interests, you can filter the information in subcategories so that your stay is more beneficial. From each filter, you can do a tourist route to visit.

Què veure a Banyoles - AIGÜES— Aigües – Water

The lacustrine zone, apart from the largest natural lake in Catalonia, has a series of temporary ponds and lagoons. Together, they constitute the most important karstic system in Spain. Following this category, you can take a route through the lacustrine area of the Pla de l’Estany. We have also added other places where water is the protagonist: rivers, gorges, natural pools, ponds …

Què veure a Banyoles - ESGLÉSIES— Edificis religiosos – Religious buildings

Religious buildings, thanks to their diverse architecture, are an important legacy in our land. We have monasteries, parishes, churches, abbeys… Some well-active ones and others, even in ruins. Although the Romanesque has left an unquestionable footprint, we also find other architectural styles. To get to know them all, we suggest that you arrange a route following the sites in this subcategory.

Què veure a Banyoles - LLEGENDES I TRADICIONS — Llegendes i Tradicions – Legends and Traditions

It will be due to the mysterious waters that surround the region, that our home is a land of legends. Dragons, fairies, demons and other enchanted characters or mysterious stories tell us another reality in Banyoles. For those who believe in magic, this category brings you to all the places enchanted by Pla de l’Estany. Also here, we collect all the traditions of our house.

— Mirador – ViewpointQuè veure a Banyoles - MIRADOR

Like all the shows of life, they must be looked and admired from the best row of the audience. In this category you can find all the viewpoints so that you can see our land from the best perspective

— Naturalesa – NatureQuè veure a Banyoles - NATURALESA

Banyoles is privileged to be surrounded by nature: fields, ponds, ponds, mountains, forests, rivers… This is why it is an ideal place to practice sports, disconnect from the urban world, relax or enjoy various excursions. If you want to connect with nature, you can visit the places we suggest in this category.

Què veure a Banyoles - PATRIMONI I HISTÒRIA— Patrimoni – Heritage

The passage of time has left the region an impressive historical and cultural legacy. From archaeological sites to the presence of the Romanesque, represented, above all, in churches and hermitages, as well as in castles, fortresses and farmhouses of great architectural and historical value.


Què veure a Banyoles - PREHISTORIA— Prehistòria – Prehistory

If you want to know the different archaeological sites, you will find them in this category. Thanks to this legacy of great importance, it will help you to understand the life of the first settlers in this territory.


Què veure a Banyoles - RUTA 1 BANYOLES— Ruta 1: BNY – Route 1: BNY

The center of Banyoles is small and when you visit it, you can feel that you travel in time for its old buildings and architectural elements with a strong past. In this category we mark our favorite ride. It is a tour through the historical center of the city that begins at Plaça dels Turers and ends at the monastery of Sant Esteve.

Què veure a Banyoles - VOLTA A L'ESTANY— Volta a l’Estany – Tour around the Lake

The tour around to the lake can be made by walking, running or cycling at without stop, or by taking time at the different places around it. For example, fisher’s house de valor patrimonial, obras de arte de varios artistas, fuentes centenarias, lagoons, swiming areas… found them in this category.

Què veure a Banyoles - ZONES DE BANY— Zones de bany – Swiming areas

Especially if you visit the area in the summer, it will be great for you to soak up. Therefore, in this category we indicate different areas that allow the bathroom: parts of the pond, gorges, recs…