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coworking in girona banyoles
La Peixera Coworking Banyoles

La Peixera Coworking Banyoles


A fish tank (peixera in Catalan) is a container filled with water in order to house an ecosystem for fish to inhabit. An ecosystem is a natural system that is made up of a set of living organisms and the physical environment in which they establish relationships with each other.

La Peixera, however, is a space to come up with ideas, develop projects and bring together enterprising people who want to share tasks, expenses and networks. The goal is to foster an ecosystem made up of a group of creative people and share a workspace in which we can network with each other.

Do you have a project and need a space in the centre of Banyoles to start it? Is it not worth it to rent a space just for you? Do you want to share the expenses of having an office or space for enhancing creativity?

Are you an entrepreneur, a freelance, a creative person or an artist? Or are you simply looking to rent a place by the hour, by the day, by the week, by the month or sporadically?

coworking in girona banyoles


La Peixera is an open space of 75 square metres. 

There are six work tables. Two of those are occupied by us. The other four:


    • Table 3. Own table with two chairs (one to work and one to receive visitors), a shelf.

    • Table 4. Own table with two chairs (one to work and one to receive visitors), a shelf.


    • Tables 5 and 6. The long table is shared with four chairs (two to work and the other two to receive visitors), two shelves. This space is to share with another professional.



What we offer

    • Wifi.
    • Printing machine.
    • A table with complimentary tea and water.
    • 20% discount on advertising in our magazine L’HAM.
    • A showcase to display your own art objects.
    • In order to create a sustainable space, all the furniture is recycled or from second-hand. We offer you the chance of bringing your own furniture.
    • You can put the logo of your business on the door glass.


coworking in girona banyoles

Why work in Banyoles?

Unlike a big city, Banyoles (and the Pla de l´Estany region) is a quiet, relaxed place surrounded by nature and well-connected to Barcelona and Girona, for whenever necessary to go to the capital. 

While you live and work outside the city, you benefit from cheap housing prices, which are not as expensive as they are in Barcelona or Girona. Hence, you gain in quality of life. 

Also, getting around Banyoles is easier. You can access everywhere by bike or on foot. Thus, you save money on transport.  

Our office is located in the centre of Banyoles, between the town hall and La Plaça Major. From the office to the lake of Banyoles, it takes about 10 minutes on foot. 

If you need a break during your workday, you can go for a walk and soon arrive at the lake and its natural environment. 

It is close to bars and restaurants, and all the services you may need.La Peixera Coworking Banyoles

Living in Banyoles

If you plan to come to live in Banyoles and develop your professional skills, there are real estate agencies that will help you get a place to live. You can also look at the advertisements in our magazine L’HAM, where offers to sell and rent a place to live are published.

You can check activities to do outside of work, such as language classes, sports, art … here. 

Or, if you want to be up to date with all the events that are organized in the region (concerts, theatre, cinema, walks…) check the agenda of Banyoles and Pla de l’Estany, which are updated monthly.

La Peixera Coworking Banyoles

coworking in girona banyoles


Individual table:

    • Month (24/7) = 90 €/month + VAT
    • 1 day (24 h) = 20 €/day + VAT
    • 1 hour = 5 €/hour + VAT

Shared table:

    • Month (24/7) = 60 €/month + VAT
    • 1 day (24 h)= 15 €/ day + VAT
    • 1 hour = 5 €/hour + VAT

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